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Report: Nebraska Regents 'Informally Agree' To Bolt For Big Ten, Announcement On Friday

Chip Brown of reports that the Nebraska regents have "informally" agreed to leave the Big-12 for the Big Ten.

Per Brown, an official announcement will come on Friday.

This news -- if accurate -- is the big one everyone has been waiting for. Nebraska essentially holds the key to the future of the Big-12. By leaving, this opens the door for the Pac-10 to potentially poach six members of the Big-12.

It also means that -- if the Pac-10 deal goes through -- schools like Kansas and Kansas State would likely be without a home, assuming the Big-12 crumbles.

No word yet on what Missouri will do. There are reports that they would leave the Big-12 for the Big Ten but as best we can tell, there's no formal invitation at this point.