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With Nebraska In The Fold, Big Ten Giving Missouri The 'Cold Shoulder'

With Nebraska reportedly leaving for the Big Ten and six other Big-12 schools reportedly bolting for the Pac-10, the death of the Big-12 is upon us.

Kansas and Kansas State were expected to be -- to put it bluntly -- screwed. And it appears they will be. Missouri, however, was expected to garner an invite to the Big Ten.

According to Chip Brown of, that may not be the case. He reports the Big Ten is currently giving Mizzou the "cold shoulder" and that they're not on the Big Ten's top three wish list, which includes -- in order -- Notre Dame, Nebraska and Rutgers/Maryland.

Brown reports that Missouri's relationship with the Big-12 is "beyond repair" but that likely doesn't matter much considering reports are indicating that the Big-12 is essentially dead.

What's next for Mizzou? They appear to be the only ones remaining with a shot at an invite to another major conference (Sorry, KU and KSU -- the Mountain West doesn't count).

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