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Royals 2010 Draft Includes An 'Insane Amount Of College Players'

The Royals completed their 2010 draft with what Will McDonald of Royals Review calls "one of the the most college-heavy classes I have ever seen." Indeed, the numbers bear that out.

Of the 50 players chosen, 37 were from college. That's far and away the most the Royals have seen in the Dayton Moore era -- 23 is the previous high. It's also nearly double the most in the Allard Baird era, which was 19.

Frankly, it's gotta be a sign of something. A change of philosophy. A change of something. McDonald calls it "Moneyball" type stuff.

Of course, there's a huge difference between a 37th round pick and a 2nd round pick, and to fully account for drafting trends, we'd need to employ some complex weighting system. I'm not going to do that in this case, because in this case it's really not necessary: the Royals just drafted an insane amount of college players. This is, moreover, one of the most college-heavy classes I have ever seen. In fact, it is the highest number I've seen since the draft went to 50 rounds. As a percentage of college players taken, 2010's 64% ranks right up there with anything the Moneyball-era A's ever did.

Check out what McDonald has to say at Royals Review. It's quite amazing.