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Kansas City Fan Confidence Polls: Jayhawks Top Chiefs As Most Confident Fans In Kansas City

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We've got a new winner.

For the first time since we started the Kansas City fan confidence polls, a team not named the Chiefs has come out on top.

Team Week One Week Two Week Three Average
Chiefs 59 64 64 62
Jayhawks 56
Tigers 34
Royals 26 28 37 30

Week One Winner: Chiefs

Week Two Winner: Chiefs

Week Three Winner: Jayhawks

Kudos to the folks at Rock Chalk Talk for riding their team to victory. Nothing major happened to the Jayhawks in the last week except that Turner Gill has been on a hot recruiting streak, as Owen Kemp explained here. That may have had something to do with it.

Arrowhead Pride is a close second in the third week but still hold the overall top spot. The Chiefs are having a good offseason. OTAs are done and they're just waiting for training camp. The vibe for the Chiefs is generally positive at this point.

Rock M Nation is making huge strides after a disappointing first week. That was mainly due to the uncertainty of the Big 12 at the time.

Royals Review is....well, they're real fans, to be honest. You gotta respect the loyalty Royals fans have. They should be rising in the coming weeks if they continue to play .500 ball under Ned Yost.