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Chiefs LB Tamba Hali's Former Teammate Talks About What Made Them Successful

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Bears special teamer Tim Shaw hails from the same high school college as Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali, Livonia Clarenceville high school Penn State.

He held a camp at the high school recently and mentioned Hali while talking about what he did to be successful.

“I talked the other day with my first roommate in college, Tamba Hali, a first-round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs. We saw a lot of guys around us that could have done what we did, but he and I decided to do it. We had the self discipline when others going to parties, we didn't need to go party because we wanted to play in the NFL. We decided that when we were too tired to study and get our homework done - we were going to get it done - because we wanted to get college degrees. We said we were going to do it back then and we did it. Have the self discipline to say you're going to do it.''

This sounds about right. Last year, when the Chiefs made the switch to the 3-4 defense, Hali stopped talking to the media and focused solely on his game. He was coming off of a down year -- and many expected him to fail as a linebacker -- but something strange happened.

He didn't.

He did very well actually notching over eight sacks and he now enters the 2010 season as a vital part of the Chiefs defense.