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MLB Trade Deadline: For The Giants, Royals OF David DeJesus Is 'Exactly What The Doctor Ordered'

Dave Cameron of takes a closer look at Royals OF David DeJesus and how he might fit with the Royals. Ultimately, Cameron concludes that DeJesus' ability to hit the ball consistently and play good defense would be a "major upgrade" over Aaron Rowand and he could be just what the Giants are looking for.

I don't think anyone disputes that.

But what about the other side of the equation? The Royals are reportedly looking to "hit a homerun" in any deal with DeJesus since he's affordable both this year and 2011.

Per Cameron:

While Posey and Madison Bumgarner got all the headlines, there are some interesting young players in the system besides those two. They could offer up players like 20-year-old shortstop Ehire Adrianza, outfielder Thomas Neal, or lefty reliever Dan Runzler, who would have value to the Royals but wouldn’t cripple their future. The Giants system has enough depth to pull of a trade for pretty much anyone they want, and Sabean has shown he’s not shy about trading young for old.

The Giants name has been floating around DeJesus for quite some time so I suspect we'll see some legitimate interest on their part. I think the Royals are willing to move DeJesus but on their terms, which could be expensive for any trading partner.