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MLB Trade Deadline: More On What The Royals Could Possibly Get For David DeJesus reporter Mark Bowman has a tidbit on the Braves as they enter the MLB trade deadline.

Bowman acknowledges that Royals OF David DeJesus would be the type of player the Braves need but questions the asking price (as others have).

But it appears the Braves aren't entering July with the intention of making a big splash. They will simply be looking for players who could provide more certainty than the players who currently form their outfield mix. Some of the Braves Minor League pitchers who could be available to interested clubs looking to make a minor deal include J.J. Hoover, Brett DeVall, Chris Masters, Scott Diamond and Jacob Thompson.

DeJesus could definitely provide more certainty. The question is whether the Royals would accept in a trade any of the prospects mentioned.