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MLB Power Rankings Update: Royals In The 22-24 Range

It's July and there's not a whole lot going on outside the MLB trade deadline coming up so I thought I'd take a peek at what a few of the power rankings are for MLB.

The Royals have been playing .500 ball under Ned Yost and they've been slightly improving in power rankings across the internet.

Here are where a couple of folks have the Royals ranked: - 24th

Seemingly, about once a week the Royals have a 12- to 15-hit game and score a bunch of runs. They hit singles like crazy, and don't really do anything else. The Royals are second in the AL in team batting average (.281) but are just ninth in the league in runs scored because they don't walk (2nd fewest in the league) and don't hit any home runs (3rd worst). Still, thanks to all those singles and some improved work by the bullpen, the Royals are 21-21 under Ned Yost. It's unclear what this surprisingly old team is really accomplishing however.

Yahoo! Sports - 22nd

DeJesus batting .407 in June or, as it’s known in dead-end Kansas City, “Smellin’ the trading deadline.”