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MLB Trade Deadline: Might As Well Throw Royals OF Rick Ankiel's Name Out There

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Jill Seward of is doing what everyone else is doing right now (except for that whole, "Where will LeBron go?" thing): Speculating on the MLB trade deadline.

About the Red Sox, she writes:

The outfield is definitely a place where the Sox could use some help, especially with Hall moving in to play second base for Pedroia. Discussion with the Royals could lead to possible deals for Rick Ankiel or David DeJesus. Ankiel, a lefty center fielder, and DeJesus, a multiple-position player batting .332 this season, could each bring necessary assistance to the Sox.

I think the Royals probably regret going after Ankiel at this point. A "minor" injury back in April still has him out so I'm not sure what they expect to get out of him. Might as well call it a wash and move him for what you can.