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MLB Trade Deadline: ESPN's Buster Olney Says Royals, Padres Could Be Good Trading Partners

On Thursday afternoon, speculated that the Padres could be interested in someone like David DeJesus and it seems ESPN's Buster Olney agrees.

The Padres looking for offense, and here's why -- their RFers rank 24th (among 30 teams in OPS), CFers rank 25th, LFers 30th [.]They would seem to match up well with KC, which is willing to deal either David DeJesus (a very high price) or Jose Guillen (KC will eat $).

The two sides seem to match up.

From the Royals perspective, here are a couple of good articles from Royals Review on Scott Podsednik and Jose Guillen. They are both considered trade candidates (as most players are for something). But I don't think the "stabilizing but still bad" description is a good thing.