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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/10

Here's your daily dose of new from the Kansas City area....

Royals streak is over

One of my favorite lines from the movie Major League is when the manager, Lou Brown, explains to the guys what a winning streak is -- three in a row.

The Royals were on a winning streak and had it snapped last night. They went scoreless through eight innings and lost 8-2 to the White Sox.

Mark Buehrle, who the Royals had been doing well against, shut the hot bats of the Royals down. This one hurts because it's the Royals chance to make a dent on the Sox now nine game lead over the Royals in the A.L. Central.

It'll be interesting to see how this team responds. We just talked about Ned Yost changing the culture and one of those was making the team believe they're not out of this thing yet.

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Where did Sherron Collins come from?

SB Nation Kansas City's Brian Goodman wrote a story on Sherron Collins and how he's doing in the NBA Summer League. The story was filed Thursday night so we missed his best performance on Friday morning. You know, the one where out of the blue he dropped 32 freakin' points on 7/11 shooting from beyond the arc.

The pressure was on and Collins stepped up. Sounds about right.

Meanwhile, Russell Robinson had a solid night putting up 18 points on 8/8 free throw shooting.

It was a good night for KU but a bad night for Kansas State.

Denis Clemente only saw three minutes of action and went 0/2. Doesn't sound like the NBA is in his future.

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Waiting on two key Mizzou recruits to get to campus

Mizzou has a heckuva a basketball recruiting class. Some are rating in the top 20 in the nation, a ranking to be proud of.

However, that ranking would take a hit of Tony Mitchell and Ricardo Ratliffe don't get to campus. Mitchell of course had major grades issues and his test scores were being questioned. He's not quite out of the woods yet though both sides are expecting him to be there. Meanwhile, Ratliffe went through some grades question marks of his own and his arrival is expected to happen.

Once Mizzou sees those two step on campus, they'll feel a lot better about this class.

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Remembering the 2007 MU/KU game at Arrowhead

SB Nation's college sites -- Rock M Nation, Rock Chalk Talk, Bring On The Cats and others -- have been doing a series with EA Sports called 'Where I Come From' promoting the new NCAA 2011 College Football game. A couple of the topics included favorite teams, players, moments and so on.

Rock M Nation cited the 2007 MU/KU game on several occasions as one of their favorites.

I'd have to agree.

I was in attendance that day at Arrowhead and, for someone who has been to countless Chiefs games, it was amazing. It was No. 2 vs. No. 3 in the country, the No. 1 team had lost earlier that day (there was some streak going on at the time of the No. 1 team in the nation losing week after week). The game was changed to the Saturday night game. It was cold.

Arrowhead at night is special. It doesn't happen that often, especially for a game of this magnitude.

I remember being out in the parking lot all day (How I remember, I don't know) and tailgating. Going up to my seats, which were actually pretty good. We went with a bunch of friends and me and a buddy had different seats than everyone else, which were a lot closer. I remember buying lots of beer and knowing at the time that this would be a game to remember (if it weren't for all that beer, I would..).

In short, the game was unbelievable. Both sides, even KU, had a reason to be proud. For one night, MU and KU were the center of the sports universe.

Something doesn't seem right with Javier Arenas and his reps

Checking the NFLPA website, Chiefs rookie Javier Arenas was previously repped by Lamont Smith of All Pro Sports & Entertainment. Now, Smith is no longer listed as the rep.

Basically it means Arenas is switching agents. There's been no clarification on what's going on (and I suspect there won't be).

For our purposes, this means that Arenas may not be signing for a few days. Once a player switches his agent, he has to wait five days before hiring another one. Presumably, Arenas isn't going to be negotiating his own contract.

Why would someone switch their agent? Could be a personality conflict with the agent, money, or a host of other reasons.

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