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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/12

Here's your daily dose of Chiefs news....

Royals fall is coming

I hate to be the typical Royals fans but we do know this is all going to come crashing down, right? It appears that's the way it's happening now.

The Royals had to take at least a couple from the White Sox to entertain any wacky ideas of competing for the division. The Royals were eight back and the Sox were a half game back of the Tigers so it's obvious they couldn't get swept.

Then the Royals got swept. They're not 10.5 games back.

Things aren't getting easier with the A's, Blue Jays, Yankees and Twins coming up over the next few weeks.

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Seven wins for KU in 2010?

Some computer simulations have suggested KU football will win seven games in 2010 which would be good for second place in the Big 12.

Here's the Jayhawks schedule:

Sept. 4 -- N. Dakota State
11 -- Georgia Tech
17 -- @Southern Miss
25 -- New Mexico State
Oct. 2 -- @Baylor
14 -- Kansas State
23 -- Texas A&M
30 -- @Iowa State
Nov. 6 -- Colorado
13 -- @Nebraska
20 -- Oklahoma State
27 -- Missouri (in Kansas City)

Do you see seven wins in there? I think I see seven and a potential for another win or two.

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Former Mizzou Tigers, now NFL players are back in Columbia

A few former Mizzou Tigers returned to Faurot Field last week -- Jeremy Maclin, Sean Weatherspoon and Martin Rucker. They were working out in Columbia, which is pretty standard. Once NFL rookie camps end, they need a place to work out and colleges are often the choice.

"I think the more guys come back, man, I think the better you know. Not only just to see each other again but also to kind of work around Coach Ivey again. He definitely helped us become the guys that we are you know going into the league and trying to maintain that relationship is a very important thing," said Maclin.

"Well you know you got to find a place to work out you got to be ready for training camp and I mean, me, I've never been to a training camp yet so I don't know what to expect so I just decided to come back to my roots man, you know where it all started," added Weatherspoon.

"Time to get in shape for training camp you know and you got to have a place to do it and some guys go somewhere and pay for it but we can get the same thing if not better here," said Rucker.

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Answering Jarrad Page's question

Earlier this week, Chiefs unsigned safety Jarrad Page had the following to say via Twitter:

I'm confused as to why it is "betrayal" when a player decides to go to a new team(LeBron James) but when an organization cuts a player or runs him out if town it's "just business"

Page is right. But here's the first of two reasons many people are upset about LeBron leaving and why Page's questions won't work. From a 2006 ESPN interview with James:

It’s also important to me to make the team I’m on now the best. I don’t want to go ring-chasing, as I call it; you know, going to a team that’s already pretty established and trying to win a ring with them. I want to stay with the Cavs and build a champion. And I feel like we’re on our way.

Sounds like he went ring-chasing, if you ask me. He told the fans one thing and did another. That makes fans very upset. He pledged his loyalty to a town and then decided to go somewhere else. If he changed his mind -- that's OK. But it is NOT OK to hold a one-hour special embarrassing your hometown. That's how you lose fans. What maybe he should've done is what Kevin Durant did -- announce your new deal with one simple tweet.

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