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Kansas City Comets Indoor Soccer Team Returning To Kansas City

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Indoor soccer is returning to Kansas City.

The Comets, previously the Attack, are returning to play in Kansas City for the 2010-2011 season at the Independence Events Center in the Major League Indoor Soccer League.

Mickey Scheetz, a long-time Portland, Ore., business owner and resident has teamed up with his son Ed Scheetz and Brian Budzinski to form Top of the Arc, LLC., the ownership group responsible for bringing the team to Independence.

"The return of professional indoor soccer presents a unique opportunity to give back to the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan community," Ed Scheetz said in a news release. "We are excited to partner with the City of Independence and plan to work as hard as possible to provide a fun, family oriented, exciting sports product that gives true value to our fans’ entertainment dollar."

The Comets actually have a long history in Kansas City. Longer than I realized.

They originally moved to Kansas City in 1981. They were the Comets until 1991 when the Atlanta Attack moved here becoming the Kansas City Attack. They went back to the Comets name in 2001 until 2005.

I liked the Kansas City Attack name better, I think. Kansas City Comets isn't bad, especially when you consider the type of names they're up against: Milwaukee Wave, Baltimore Blast, Monterrey La RaZa, Philadelphia Kixx and the Rockford Rampage.