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Kansas AD Lew Perkins Not Pursuing Blackmail Allegations

Kansas AD Lew Perkins has been cleared of any wrongdoing in a case that involved an medical company giving him exercise equipment free of charge.

Perkins claimed that he was a victim of blackmail at the time. 

Now, Perkins' attorney tells the Kansas City Star the matter should be laid to rest.

“It remains an open file as I understand it,” McAllister told The Star. “If something else happened or there was new evidence, it could be pursued. But certainly, Lew’s not intending to pursue it at this time. Lew is ready to move on to other things.”

This is the best move for Perkins. He doesn't need the distraction.

Considering the trouble that's been brewing around Lawrence in recent months, it's probably best not to have investigators sniffing around because who knows what they might find. That's a pessimistic outlook but given what's transpired recently, a realistic outlook.