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Another Guilty Plea In KU Ticket Scandal Reportedly Coming Thursday

Mark Fagan and Jonathan Kealing of the Lawrence Journal-World have added a few details to the recent report that Jason Jeffries, one of two men charged in connection with the KU ticket scandal, has pleaded guilty.

The duo reports that Brandon Simmons, the other former KU staffer charged so far, will also plead guilty.

Thursday, Brandon Simmons will appear before Brown. He’s expected to plead not guilty in a hearing at 10:30 a.m. and then change his plea to guilty in a second hearing at 11 a.m.

That would be two charges and two guilty pleas.

Jeffries' lawyer said that his client will help with the investigation as much as he can. Maybe he could provide some information that would nail someone else and keep himself on a lesser punishment like probation. His lawyer has suggested probation would be appropriate but he would take any punishment.

Jeffries is expected to be sentenced on Sept. 29.