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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/15

Your daily roundup of Kansas City sports news...

Is Kansas City the "epicenter" of college basketball?

I went to the SportKC PROPS (People Recognizing Outstanding People of Sports) event on Wednesday evening at the Midland Theater in downtown Kansas City. The emcee, Kevin Kietzmann of 810 WHB, said at one point that Kansas City is the "epicenter" of college basketball.

He says the Sprint Center and Power & Light District is the best in the country for hosting tournaments. Now, Kietzmann has always been an advocate for college basketball in this town -- at one point taking the lead in the drive to get the Sprint Center -- so you've gotta be careful of hyperbole but I think he may be right on this.

Do you agree?

One more day off for the Royals

The Royals are off once again continuing their break for the All-Star Game. They last played on Sunday against the White Sox.

They'll return to the field on Friday against the A's. Zack Greinke will be your starting pitcher. We'll preview that series but, for now, enjoy the time off. Baseball is a grind.

Moustakas on his way

Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas has been promoted from AA to AAA and seems well on his way to be in Kauffman Stadium at the start of the 2011 season and possibly even this September.

Was this the right move?

Of course it was. The GM of the AA team called him the best hitter he's seen in 10 years. That's some high praise for a team that brings in a lot of highly touted prospects. Moustakas' progress will be something to watch the rest of the way.

Former Jayhawk Darrell Stuckey honored, thanks the Chiefs

Darrell Stuckey received the Co-Collegiate Male Athlete of the Year on Wednesday evening at the Midland Theater in Downtown Kansas City for the SportKC PROPS event.

During his speech, he talked about all the things he had done and how they had all come in Kansas City and how proud he was of that.

Then he thanked the Chiefs. Why?

For getting that Monday Night Football opener scheduled at Arrowhead so his first real NFL game will be in front of the hometown crowd.

I think he still might hear some boos.