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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Want At Least One Major League Ready Player For David DeJesus

It's been reported that the Kansas City Royals are looking to "hit a homerun" in any deal with David DeJesus. According to the Boston Herald, DeJesus wouldn't be a salary dump for the Royals, meaning they would have to "win the trade".

The Red Sox and Royals have discussed DeJesus according to multiple reports and, according to the Herald, the Royals want at least one major-league ready player.

Three weeks ago, a major league source told the Herald that the Red Sox had spoken with several teams about numerous outfielders, including Kansas City’s David DeJesus. At the time, the Sox were told that the Royals wanted a major league-ready player in addition to prospects.

That would be in addition to prospects. The Royals really are in a good position because there are plenty of reasons to hang onto DeJesus.

If they trade him, it means they got a coup. If they don't, then they've got a heck of a player through 2011.