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MLB Trade Deadline: Luxury Tax Will Make Red Sox A Tough Trading Partner For The Royals

So far in our discussions surrounding the MLB trade deadline, the Red Sox are the team that's been mentioned the most as a possible trading partner. The player in those rumors is generally Royals OF David DeJesus.

Now comes word that the Red Sox may have a tough time making a deal for DeJesus even if both clubs come to an agreement on the players involved.

Ed Price of reports that the luxury tax will cause some financial headaches for the Red Sox moving forward. You can read Price's detailed explanation but here's the bottomline:

The source said the front office would have to "jump through hoops" -- make a strong case to ownership -- just to add $500,000 in salary over the rest of the season. That's the equivalent of a player making $1.1 million for the year.

You normally don't think of the Red Sox and financial issues but if Price's report is accurate maybe the Red Sox won't be DeJesus' destination after all.