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Royals GM Dayton Moore On Promoting Mike Moustakas: 'Just Look At The Numbers'

Even with two and a half weeks out of the lineup, Mike Moustakas was leading AA in RBIs and homers. To put it simply, he dominated the competition.

That's why it wasn't a huge surprise to hear this week that the Royals had promoted him to AAA.

Royals GM Dayton Moore explained the move recently.

“Just look at his numbers,” Moore said. “He’s performed very well and our staff and scouts and development people (agree).

“Customarily, when players do that, they move up. “It was the right time to get him up there.”

By promoting him now, Moore gives Moustakas a half-season of time in AAA. The move was likely done to get him enough competition to see if he's ready for the big leagues at the start of 2011.