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Royals GM Dayton Moore Suggests Mike Moustakas Won't Be A September Call Up

After hearing the news that the Royals had promoted third baseman Mike Moustakas from AA to AAA, I wondered if he would be making a move to Kansas City when the rosters expand in September.

Apparently not, according to Royals GM Dayton Moore.

“I wouldn’t put limitations on any player,” Moore said, “but (a September callup) isn’t something we’ve considered. There’s a big difference between Double A and Triple A, and there’s an even bigger difference between Triple A and the major leagues.”

The Royals likely won't be chasing a pennant at that point and they're hoping Moustakas can be ready on opening day 2011 so why not give him a month in the big leagues? Maybe they don't want to stunt him but I think a September tryout makes sense.