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Royals' Jose Guillen Not Quite 100% After Quad Injury But Getting Close

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Jose Guillen came up limping running to first base last week and it was revealed that he had a quad injury. The injury wasn't serious but it did cause him to miss a couple of games. He returned to the lineup last weekend before the All-Star break but says now that he's not quite 100%.

“I’m not quite where I want to be,” Guillen said. “But I’ll be back in the field soon.”

With the MLB trade deadline coming up, Guillen better get healthy. He's expected to be part of talks between the Royals and other teams. If a nagging injury like a quad prevents him from being traded, then it would be a major loss for the Royals.

With the Royals 10.5 games back and Guillen entering the final year of his deal, there's no reason to keep him on the roster (which means the Royals will keep him on the roster).