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Royals Taking The Cautious Approach With Injured Luke Hochevar

Some thought Royals pitcher Luke Hochevar could have been available last weekend for the Royals in their three-game set with the White Sox before the All-Star break. That prediction may have been a bit aggressive as Hochevar won't start throwing until this week.

"We've been real cautious with him," Yost said. "We'll find out more here after the All-Star break. We've just really been as careful as we can, because he's such an important part of what we're trying to do here.

"We're going to start his throwing programs back up again [Thursday or Friday.] Whereas we wouldn't let him touch a ball until after the All-Star break, so we're taking the cautious approach."

Hochevar is a very important piece of the puzzle assuming he can string along some momentum and begin playing well. He's been fairly inconsistent in a Royals uniform.

The goal for the second half of the season should be getting him back into the rotation and the Royals are going to make sure they do it the right way.