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MLB Trade Deadline: Giants May Be Targeting Royals' Jose Guillen, Not David DeJesus

The Giants have long been connected to Royals OF David DeJesus as a possible trade deadline candidate. While that may be the case, the player they have a better chance of acquiring is Jose Guillen, according to Chris Haft of

But that also drops Guillen's "price." Since he's a potential free agent, the Royals can't expect to get top-level prospects or a starting pitcher like Jonathan Sanchez for him. That, in turn, might make him more attractive to the Giants, though DeJesus is batting .324 to Guillen's .279, is only 30 years old and has an extremely affordable $6 million club option on his 2011 contract.

Haft's report goes against a lot of other reports. One recent report suggested the Giants may be interested in Guillen "for the right price."

The Giants are reportedly not looking for rental players. Guillen is a rental player with his contract expiring at the end of the year.

DeJesus can play any position in the outfield. Guillen is more of a DH but capable of playing in the field.

DeJesus is hitting over .320. Guillen is hitting .279.