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MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees 'Would Love' To Get Royals' Joakim Soria

If you scroll through all of our MLB trade deadline rumors, you'll notice that there are two players the Royals have reportedly told other teams that are off limits: Zack Greinke and Billy Butler.

So what about Joakim Soria?

The Royals haven't given any indication they wouldn't part with him if the right deal came along. According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Yankees "would love" to have Soria.

Two players Yankees would love to have: Dunn, Soria. Nationals' price on Dunn exorbitant. Royals would need to be overwhelmed.

Just because they apparently covet him doesn't mean they'll get him, as MLB Trade Rumors explains.

The Royals would need to be "overwhelmed" to part with Soria, who makes $3MM this season and is under team control through 2014. He has 25 saves already and has posted 11.1 K/9 this season, which makes him one of the more appealing relievers available. The Yankees have had inconsistent performances from righties Joba Chamberlain, Chan Ho Park and David Robertson, which no doubt contributes to their interest in Soria.

I don't see the Royals giving up Soria because no one will match their offer. He's a better deal for the Royals than for anyone else.