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MLB Trade Deadline: Mets Called About Gil Meche, Royals Said No Thanks

The Mets are interested in trading for Gil Meche...sort of.

The Mets, with their own Meche in Oliver Perez, reportedly called the Royals looking to make a swap, according to Adam Rubin of

In one scenario, the Mets approached the Kansas City Royals about exchanging Perez for right-hander Gil Meche (0-4, 6.66 ERA in nine starts). Meche hasn't even pitched since May 25 because of shoulder bursitis. Meche's contract, like Perez's deal, runs through 2011 and is for an identical $12 million a season.

There's no reason for the Royals to make this deal. The two players appear to be very similar. Both injured at the end of May and trying to come back. The money is the same (and high) and both players are on the disabled list.

So the Royals were smart to stick with the guy they know the most about.

Meche is expected to make a rehab appearance next week. Perez's last rehab appearance?

Perez's next rehab appearance is Saturday for Triple-A Buffalo. In his most recent outing with the Bisons, he walked five, hit two batters and had two wild pitches in five innings.