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Oakland's Five Runs Against The Royals And Zack Greinke Were 'Soft'

Will McDonald of Royals Review has posted his thoughts of the Royals 5-1 loss to the A's on Friday night.

The most interesting nugget in his write-up is the chatter that Zack Greinke is injured, though he says there's no hard evidence of that so it's speculation for now.

Greinke missed his last start because of a shoulder issue that occurred the week before but it was deemed no big deal.

However, I didn't see a pitcher struggling to find the strikezone as much as I saw a guy giving up random balls in play that the defense behind him couldn't turn into outs. Oakland scored 5 of the softest runs you'll ever see, at least according to this observer. It too Zack forever to get his first strikeout, and he wasn't exactly facing a tough lineup. The hopeful thing is to simply chalk it up to rust and hope for better results next time.

That last line is a bit ominous. The Royals have such awful luck with injuries. I sure I hope don't come back to look at that line in a week or so if Greinke is hurt.

Read the whole thing over at Royals Review.