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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/17

Your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

What's up with Greinke?

Royals pitcher Zack Greinke gave up a run in the first and second innings and then three in the third on Friday night against the A's.

Last week, he tweaked his shoulder in a game but after trainers took a look at it he stayed in and finished the game. The next day, he reported no pain from the shoulder issue.

Then he was scratched from Sunday's start against the White Sox. So what gives?

The Royals have said it's no big deal but his first game back he gets hit pretty hard right off the bat (pun intended!).

I'm not sure what's going on but it's making me a little uneasy. You never know with the Royals.

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KU's all-time backfield isn't too shabby

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk is filling the offseason by voting for some of the all-time players at each position on the KU roster.

The backfield is impressive. Very impressive.

At running back, you've got none other than Gale Sayers. Hey, I remember that guy, He wasn't too bad, right?

Then at full back you've got John Riggins. He did OK for himself.

At quarterback? A little more recent with Todd Reesing, according to the RCT voters.

Hop on over to Rock Chalk Talk to check out what the fans are saying about the picks.

Rumor is Mizzou assistant baseball coach leaving Columbia

This is filed under the rumor category for now but SB Nation's Rock M Nation passes along a rumor making the rounds:

There has been no official announcement, no official confirmation, but the rumor is that Mizzou Assistant Coach Tony Vitello will be leaving the Tigers to take a position with the TCU Horned Frogs.

Not a major surprise if you follow Mizzou sports closely because Vitello has been involved in a very, very good pitching staff that's come out in recent years.

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Everyone announces Chiefs signing rookie Cameron Sheffield...except the Chiefs

The Chiefs are a little weird about announcing their draft pick signings. On Friday, word broke that the Chiefs had signed fifth rounder Cameron Sheffield. Within a few hours, a lot of outlets were reporting the news.

Eventually, the NFL confirmed the move via their transactions page.

But the Chiefs haven't said a word.

The team isn't confirming the move yet and we're not sure why. If the NFL has confirmed it, why haven't the Chiefs?

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