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Kansas City Fan Confidence Polls Week Five: Major Surge In Kansas City Fan Confidence

Team Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Average
Chiefs 59 64 64 63 84 66.8
Jayhawks 56
Tigers 34
Royals 26 28 37 48 51 38

Week One Most Confident: Chiefs

Week Two Most Confident: Chiefs

Week Three Most Confident: Jayhawks

Week Four Most Confident: Tigers

Week Five Most Confident: Jayhawks

For some reason, we saw an explosion of confidence this week from three of the four teams we're tracking in our Kansas City confidence polls.

The Jayhawks pushed out a confidence rating of 88, which is far and away the highest rating we've had of any team this week. There's not a whole lot going on in the world of Kansas athletics right now. The two biggest teams, basketball and football, aren't playing right now. Kansas has made some nice strides in recruiting but they also lost offensive tackle Jeff Spikes for the year.

Every week I can say the same thing about Kansas basketball. There's always reason to be near 100% confidence in that area.

Meanwhile Mizzou also made a surge in confidence moving up 21 points in our rating system. They're now at an 85 rating.  The reason? Maybe it's Blaine Gabbert-related. Gabbert landed on two major watch lists this week.
First was the Davey O'Brien watch list which is arguably the most prestigious award behind the Heisman as it recognizes the country's top quarterback. 24 hours later and the recognition didn't stop as Gabbert also landed on the Manning Award watch list. You ever hear of this Manning guy? Not a bad NFL player from what I heard.

Mizzou is also drumming up some local interest with Mizzou Night at Kauffman Stadium Saturday evening. In addition, Kim English, Mizzou guard, appeared on some local radio stations this week. Not a bad week for Mizzou and not a bad week for their marketing department.

The Chiefs come in at third in the four major programs this week. That's the lowest they've finished but it's not by much. They hit a rating score of 84 this week which is also a jump of 21 points from last week.

So what's been going on around Arrowhead to cause such a jump? One national writer came out and said the Chiefs had the best free agent signing and they're a "dark horse playoff contender" while former Pats safety Rodney Harrison predicted on 810 WHB that Eric Berry would be better than him. Harrison's praise for Berry caused a very positive reaction among Chiefs fans. In general, the Chiefs have had a very positive offseason. More and more folks are believing in what Scott Pioli and Co. are doing so this is just another week in what has been a good offseason for the Chiefs and Chiefs fans (then again, when your team has won 10 games in three years, the offseason is always a good time).

And then there's the Royals who continue to climb. Last week they sat at a rating of 48 and today they're at 51. I wondered last week what might happen if to our confidence ratings if the Royals continued to win. At one point during last week's polls, the Royals had won 10 of 13, Ned Yost was talking playoffs and things were, for the most part, looking very positive at Kauffman Stadium.

Now? Well, the playoff talk is subsiding but there's still reason for hope in Kansas City. Some feel they have one of the better farm systems in MLB and some of the core talent continues to improve. Unfortunately, we've been saying that about the Royals seemingly every year. We'll see if it's "for real" this time.