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All Of A Sudden, Chiefs Have Options At Safety

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Last year, you could easily make the argument that safety was the weakest position on the Chiefs. The players there weren't very good (Mike Brown), old (again, Mike Brown), injured (Jarrad Page) or not of the starting quality (Jon McGraw). There was really no future there either outside of Jarrad Page.

And even then Jarrad Page expresses his desire to leave town this offseason. Todd Haley doesn't like injuries so that likely helped cement his feelings of Page when the safety went on IR. Point is, the one bright spot doesn't want to be here.

So basically last year the Chiefs had literally no future at safety. Entering the offseason they had very little future.

The only player returning from that group expected to make an impact is McGraw, who some are thinking may not even beat out rookie fifth round pick Kendrick Lewis.

So where do the Chiefs stand now, a year later?

Not bad. In fact, you could argue they're looking pretty good at that position in 2010 and the future.

There's Eric Berry. You ever hear of him? I read in a scouting magazine he is expected to be a good football player at the professional ranks. At some point, we'll talk about him.

(Editor's Note: If you couldn't tell that was sarcasm, you'll never enjoy this blog.)

Then there's Kendrick Lewis. He's a rookie but someone I would think the Chiefs want to see plenty of action in 2010. He could beat out McGraw. He fell in the draft because of a slow 40 yard dash time and those are the types of players that end up being steals.

How about Reshard Langford? Sure, we don't know a whole lot about him because the Chiefs snagged him from the Eagles practice squad on Christmas Day 2009. But if the Chiefs are going to those lengths to pick him up, you've gotta think there's something there they really like. Or it's possible (maybe likely) that they realized how awful the safety situation was last year and needed to start stockpiling young talent there.

Also moving to safety (at least part-time) in 2010 is Donald Washington, 2009 fourth round pick. He lined up at cornerback at Ohio State and his first year in Kansas City but he's making the move to safety in 2010. He was touted for his athleticism at Ohio State so there's some intrigue here. Though I'm not ready to call him a savior -- or, heck, even a contributor -- Washington at safety does raise a couple of eyebrows. We're not ready to rule him out.

Then there's DaJuan Morgan, a 2008 third round pick. He hasn't demonstrated an ability to stay on the field in year one and two so I wouldn't expect much to differ in year three (if he makes the team). Then Ricky Price appears to be camp fodder as he was last year.

Overall, the Chiefs are starting to have options at safety. Berry's been praised and should be a day one starter. After that, the Chiefs at least have competition, which is more than they could say for last year.