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MLB Trade Deadline: Will Royals Reliever Kyle Farnsworth Be Moved?

Will McDonald of Royals Review is taking a closer look at all of the Royals potential trade candidates. Up today is reliever Kyle Farnsworth.

As McDonald notes, the Royals overpaid for Farnsworth in 2009 but, through the first part of this season, it's actually paid off.

The Royals overpaid for Farnsworth in the 2009 off-season, both in terms of years and money spent. However, in an odd way, while the money remains an issue, that patented extra year of Dayton Moore's (see Pods, Kendall, etc.) has paid off. Farnsworth was unmovable last season, but that isn't true in 2010. There's a minor deal for Farnsworth out there to be made, it simply comes down to how motivated the Royals are to make it. It is unlikely that the Royals will receive a future Major Leaguer back in return, but not impossible. For both Farnsworth and the Royals, the clock is ticking.

However, Farnsworth's numbers are unlikely to last. Check out Royals Review for the full rundown on why that's likely the case.