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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals Asking Price On David DeJesus Is 'Silly'

The Royals are reportedly listening to offers for OF David DeJesus. It's a weak trade deadline to some degree so a player like DeJesus, who does a lot of things well and nothing outstanding, is drawing some attention.

The Royals recognize this and that's why their asking price for DeJesus is "silly", one front office exec told Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports.

Kansas City knows that, and its asking price, one interested front-office type said, is “silly.” The Royals want a major league-ready prospect, along with at least one midlevel prospect or a pair of lower-level players. Perhaps it’s not so silly when considering the options Kansas City holds on DeJesus.

The Royals can pick up an affordable $6 million option and dangle him again in the offseason or next trade deadline. They can decline the option, offer him arbitration and take a couple draft picks. They can pick up the option, hold on to DeJesus and hope their farm system – quickly becoming the best in all of baseball – starts spitting out enough next year to patch together a contender.

As I've said before, the Royals are willing to wait until they get an offer that pleases them. If they don't trade him, then they get a solid player relatively cheap through 2011. Or, as Passan suggests, they can dangle him again. It's a win-win situation.