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MLB Trade Deadline: Angels Fans Want In On David DeJesus Talk

As we've said, it seems like everyone is or will at some point express interest in Royals OF David DeJesus as the MLB trade deadline nears.

Today we've got SB Nation's Halos Heaven -- our Angels community -- who is interested in DeJesus.

Trade Hank Conger, Will Smith, and a player to be named later to Kansas City for David Dejesus. Dejesus projects as a +9 hitter and a +10 fielder. He has range we could sorely use in the outfield corners, and could lead off or bat second. He's having a career year, hitting .331. He gets on base, can play all three outfield positions, and has a strong throwing arm. He also has a cheap option for a 2011 contract.

My answer: Stand in line.