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What Is Kevin Kietzmann's Angle Here?

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Greg Hall of KC Confidential snagged some interesting quotes from 810 WHB's Kevin Kietzmann after the Jose Guillen story came out on FOX Sports Kansas City this week.

“Of all the people who got caught up in the downsizing of The Star, (Flanagan) was the one I couldn’t understand. The two best written stories, the two best pieces of work on the Kansas City Royals this season were on … I think it says a lot about the media that The Star employs as many people that they do, but I didn’t understand the Flanagan move. In the Kansas City Star, this (Guillen story) is front-page news! Not just the sports page, this is front-page news! You know what The Star sports page doesn’t have now? They don’t have a lot of guys cranking out front-page stories. They don’t have a lot of guys cranking out stories that make you go, ‘Wow!’ There isn’t much in The Star on a daily basis that you don’t already know.”

A couple points after the jump.

First, I agree that it was a mistake to let Flanagan go.

Second, I disagree with a lot of this. Personally, I feel the Star has pretty darn good Royals coverage (as does Kietzmann's co-host, Danny Clinkscale, and they usually don't disagree with Kietzmann). There is something new in there everyday that I learn, usually multiple stories of coverage and Sam Mellinger cranks out a ridiculous amount of content each week.

FOX Sports KC got the Guillen story but it's not like the Star's been asleep at the wheel. What about the 2012 All-Star Game story broken by the Star a year ago and just announced a couple weeks ago?

I just find it strange that he criticizes the Star for not having enough front-page stories but praises FOX Sports KC for getting two stories this year.

I can't figure out Kietzmann's angle here.