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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals OF DeJesus Is A Better Deal Than Granderson, Damon

Jon Heyman of reports on two of the hotter names for the Royals as the MLB trade deadline looms: Jose Guillen and David DeJesus.

The Royals would love to ship Jose Guillen, and if he gets hot again and they're surely willing to eat a lot of his $12-million-a-year salary, perhaps they could find a taker for the perennial malcontent.

David DeJesus looks like the real potential prize, with several teams, including possibly the Red Sox, interested. "He's better than (Curtis) Granderson or (Johnny) Damon,'' one GM opined about two outfielders who changed teams last winter.

Guillen's latest comments probably didn't help shed the "malcontent" tag and it's fairly obvious that DeJesus is among the best (if not the best) center field options that could be on the market.