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Water Cooler Talk: Kansas City Sports News 7/2

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We're going to try something new. Here's a kickoff to your morning with a few quick notes on the Royals, Chiefs, Jayhawks and Tigers.

Royals and Angels start tonight in Anaheim

Ugh...I'll be honest to tell you I don't like West Coast games. Even though it's a weekend, there's no way I can stay up for a 9:05 game.

The Royals have won two consecutive series' for the second time this year. A couple weeks ago they did it for the first time. The Ned Yost era (since May 14) is looking better and better.

Our Angels correspondents for the game: SB Nation's Halos Heaven.

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Chiefs training camp under a month away

The Chiefs start training camp in less than a month. They'll arrive July 29 and start practicing at 1:50 p.m. on July 30. It's in St. Joe this year and a rep from Missouri Western State University said they're expecting as many as 10,000 people on certain days. Other reps have said they could be getting 5,000 per day.

This blows away the few hundred (or less) they would get in River Falls, WI last year.

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Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert makes an appearance in Kansas City

A few days ago local news here in Kansas City -- NBC 41 -- caught up with Chase Daniel when he came back to town. Now another Mizzou quarterback is talking in Kansas City.

"The games are going to be fun. We've got a bunch of guys returning on offense, kind of new and renewed."

If all goes well, Gabbert will be a first round pick next April -- maybe top 10.

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Jayhawks confidence

We told you the other day that the Jayhawks fans were the most confident in the area, according to our polls. That's likely because Turner Gill's on a recruiting hot streak and Jayhawks basketball player Marcus Morris has looked good this summer.

The Jayhawks have reason to be confident.

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