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Blue Jays Catcher John Buck Talks About Returning To Kansas City

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Former Royals and current Blue Jays catcher John Buck recently talked about the Royals decision to part ways with him after last season.

"We didn't really want to leave," Buck said on Monday in his first trip back to Kansas City since signing with Toronto. "But the business part of it took over and I kind of got shipped out of here. We didn't really have a choice."

The Royals decided to go with Jason Kendall because Buck was due a sizable pay raise.

"It was just baseball," Buck said. "I kind of took it as, 'All right, there's going to be a new opportunity somewhere.' It's baseball. It happens so much, but there was that part of me that said, 'OK, I'll show you.'"  

After Buck appeared in the All-Star Game, I'm sure some in Kansas City hope he would've stayed.