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MLB Trade Deadline: Angels Reportedly Offer Up P O'Sullivan, Prospect For Royals 3B Callaspo

For the Royals, the Angels are an interesting team to deal with. Their AAA and AA systems are "depleted" according to various reports so they don't have a whole lot to offer as far as prospects go. That's why any trades will probably include a major league-ready player.

Enter Sean O'Sullivan.

The Angels are believed to have offered pitcher Sean O'Sullivan and another "fringe prospect," in exchange for Callaspo, but the Royals passed on the deal. Callaspo, 27, entered Tuesday batting .276 with eight home runs and 42 RBIs and has played third and second base for the Royals.

Callaspo is a former Angel himself and O'Sullivan has made a few appearances for the Angels this season.

Callaspo hasn't really been on anyone's radar thus far in MLB trade deadline talks but, as with most of the rest of the team, I'm sure he's available for the right price.

Now, if the Royals move a guy like Bruce Chen or Kyle Farnsworth, they may need someone like O'Sullivan. Like some of these other talks, I think the Royals are setting themselves up in case any other trades go down.