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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 7/21

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Lerew hurt as the Royals are crushed

Royals pitcher Anthony Lerew took a line drive to the stomach on Tuesday night in the Royals 13-1 loss to the Blue Jays. Nothing is broken, Lerew says, but he does have some contusions.

"Nothing's broken, but obviously I have contusions, a big bruise [on my right bicep] and another on my side," Lerew said. "I did a bunch of treatment for it and it looks a lot better than it did. Hopefully I'll be ready to go soon."

Ouch. First the injury, then the demolition of the game.

Alberto Callaspo drawing interest from the Angels

The Angels are reportedly interested in the Royals third baseman Alberto Callaspo. The rumor is that they've offered up pitcher Sean O'Sullivan in addition to another "fringe prospect" for the services of Callaspo but the Royals have declined.

It seems the Angels will continue to try to get something done but it's not exactly clear what the Royals want.

KU likely to have another one-and-done

One thing I found interesting about the Kansas Jayhawks and Bill Self is that they've had one one-and-done (Xavier Henry). One! They're a major program and that usually attracts top tier players that only want to go to school for one year to get to the age requirement to hit the draft but KU has been able to avoid that.

With Josh Selby, it's likely the Jayhawks have another one-and-done.

He's widely believed to be heading to the 2011 draft as one of the top picks.

Chiefs make it official with fifth round pick

Cameron Sheffield officially became a member of the Chiefs on Tuesday as the club announced the deal. News broke that the two sides had come to an agreement last Friday but Sheffield put pen-to-paper on Tuesday.

Sheffield isn't expected to have a major impact in 2010 with the Chiefs starting outside linebackers set.