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Reds Offer Contract To Jason Isringhausen, Royals Were Reportedly Interested

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The Royals are reportedly among a number of teams interested in free agent pitcher Jason Isringhausen. If they want him, it appears they may have to move quick as the Reds offered him a contract after watching him pitch on Tuesday, according to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“We’re waiting to hear back from his agent to see what he wants to do,” Walt Jocketty said. “We’ll know in next day or so.”

Fay reports that Isringhausen was "impressive" in his workout but would definitely need some time to get ready.

“He’s in great shape, but he has to go pitch for a while," Jocketty said.

I'm not sure this move would make a ton of sense for the Royals. It's possible their interest arose a few weeks ago when it looked more possible that they could be competing for the division title.