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MLB Trade Deadline: Scott Podsednik Would Like To Stay With The Royals

The Royals signed Scott Podsednik to a one-year contract in January with a one-year option for 2011. Podsednik's name has come up in plenty of MLB trade deadline rumors and likely has the opportunity to go someplace else should GM Dayton Moore get an offer he can live with.

But would Podsednik want to leave? Apparently not, he tells Jeffrey Flanagan of FOX Sports Kansas City.

"I would like to stay here, yes, because we're moving in the right direction," he said. "I like the challenge that's presented here in terms of getting things turned around. It's one thing to go to a team that has won and expects to win and it's another thing, another challenge to go somewhere where they haven't won and turn expectations around. That's the situation here and I like it."

Interesting thoughts. I respect his opinion but I'm not sure if these words accurately reflect how he feels because of course he's not going to say that he wants to leave the Royals.

Podsednik is up there in the Royals most likely to be traded because he still has value even at age 34.