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Blue Jays Stomp Royals 13-1, Anthony Lerew Leaves The Game Early

Well, things were looking up for the Royals for a few minutes. After breaking a six-game losing streak on Monday night, the Royals returned to Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday night only to be blasted by the Blue Jays 13-1.

For the Royals, the game was bad enough. Then add on a line drive that took pitcher Anthony Lerew out of the game and it turned even worse.

"It caught me in the ribs and the biceps, and it hurt pretty bad," said Lerew. "Nothing is broken, but I have contusions."

The Blue Jays scored two runs in the first, second and third inning. The game was essentially over in the eighth but they added insult to injury with seven more runs in the eighth and ninth innings.

Jose Bautista hit his MLB-leading 26th home run of the year.

John Buck, former Royal, contributed a RBI.