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Zack Greinke Takes The Mound For The Royals As They Face The Blue Jays

The Royals beat the Blue Jays 5-2 less than 24 hours after suffering their worst loss of the season. The victory makes the Royals winners in five of the last seven series.

Not bad, huh? It's just too bad that the two series that they've lost in that time frame hugged the All-Star break and were both sweeps as they were trying to make ground in the A.L. Central.

The Royals played solid today with an outcome they hope to get familiar with: Zack Greinke with the win and Joakim Soria with the save.

Here's what SB Nation's Royals Review had to say:

Bryan Pena makes his monthly appearance and goes 3 for 4. Hope he likes sitting on the bench until August.

5 of the Royals hits were for extra bases.


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