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Former Mizzou WR Danario Alexander Holding A Pro Day For NFL Teams Next Week

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Former Mizzou WR Danario Alexander was an incredibly intriguing receiver prospect coming out of school. He has excellent size (6'5", 215 pounds), good speed and put up very impressive numbers at Mizzou.

In 2009, he had 113 catches, 1,781 yards and 14 touchdowns. As a whole, those rivaled the best in the country.

Yet he went undrafted. Why?

A handful of knee injuries and another injury two months before the draft will do that to you.

Alexander has been rehabbing and, according to his Twitter account, is holding a pro day for NFL teams next week.

Great day today, ran a 4.41 in the 40, having a pro day next Wednesday!!! Let's get it!!

Teams will also be cautious of him considering his three ACL surgeries but he's definitely worth a shot in my non-expert opinion (My GM applications have been denied left and right!).

Will the Chiefs take a look at him? My gut tells me they're so thorough that they will but I'm not sure how interested they'll be with an injury history like that. Before the NFL draft, a few teams including the Browns and Pats took a look at him.

Here's wishing for Alexander to stay in Missouri.