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MLB Trade Deadline: It's 'Almost Impossible' For The Royals To Trade Joakim Soria

Joakim Soria's name has popped up in trade rumors over the last few weeks and the Royals haven't done anything to dispel those rumors on or off the record. One report said the Royals are saying two players are unavailable in trade talks -- Billy Butler and Zack Greinke.

So seemingly, for the right price, Soria is available.

But would the Royals trade him? ESPN's Buster Olney says no because his contract is so good for the Royals.

But executives with other teams say that the contractual options contained within his long-term deal with the Royals make it almost impossible for Kansas City to trade him, because it contains almost no risk for the club. Soria's deal contains options for 2011, at $4 million; for 2012, at $6 million; and for 2013 at $8 million; and for 2014 at $8.75 million. The team can buyout the options for just $750,000.

Usually it's the other way around with teams trying to dump bad contracts so this is nice to see that they did something right with Soria. He's young and among the elite closers in the game. The Royals are generally considered 2012 contenders and Soria would still be young and under contract at that time so moving him doesn't make a lot of sense right now, especially with the Kansas City minor leagues so stacked right now.