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MLB Trade Deadline: Other Teams Are 'Sure' Royals Intend To Trade P Kyle Farnsworth

Kyle Farnsworth is in the midst of a solid year. Will McDonald of Royals Review has gone on record to predict his ERA won't hold up but he's been playing well through one half of the season.

Entering the final year of his contract and seemingly no plans by the Royals to extend him, he's a prime candidate to be traded in the looming MLB trade deadline.

ESPN's Buster Olney reports that other teams are figuring he'll be moved.

Heard this: Other teams are sure that the Royals intend to trade Kyle Farnsworth, to take advantage of his value in a weak market.

It's not a great reliever market and Farnsworth is better than average. That's a perfect storm for the Royals to get a solid deal on Farnsworth. He's one of the players I included in our list of five players the Royals should trade.

Stick around for more MLB trade deadline rumors.