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MLB Trade Deadline: Maybe The Royals Shouldn't Have Waited On DeJesus

Though more and more people have come out recently predicting the Royals will hang onto David DeJesus, there was a report last week that they were going to hang onto him until at least closer to the deadline, presumably in an effort to drive up his price tag.

Rival teams say they sense the Royals want to wait until closer to the deadline before deciding whether to trade David DeJesus.

I suggested one of the reasons for this would be leverage. The closer you get to the deadline, the more desperate a team might get. At the time, it was sound logic by the Royals front office. Emphasized on "at the time", as ESPN's Jayson Starks notes.

Royals have been taking time waiting for a team to pay hefty price for David DeJesus. Hurt thumb tonight. Might be out past deadline. Oops!

The last we heard, at least five teams were in on the DeJesus sweepstakes. Most of those teams were contenders meaning a trip to the disabled list for DeJesus would do them no good down the stretch.

Maybe the Royals asking price won't be so "silly" anymore and maybe they won't get that major league ready player they wanted.