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Derek Jeter's Inside-The-Park Home Run Eerily Similar To First Career Inside The Park Home Run

On the same play in which Royals OF David DeJesus sprained his thumb, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter ran the length of the bases for an inside-the-park home run.

The last time that happened? It was 1996, in similar circumstances.

Jeter and the Yankees were playing the Royals on Aug. 2, 1996, when he had an inside-the-park home run against Jeff Montgomery. So the two career inside the parkers came against the Royals.

What's strange is that a Royals player was injured on the first one as well. In fact, a Royals center fielder was injured on the play. Tom Goodwin injured his shoulder on the play.

So ... same team, same position injured and his only other career inside-the-park home run.