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DeJesus, Ankiel, Callaspo And A-Rod: Major Storylines Develop In Royals' 10-4 Loss To Yankees

The Royals lost 10-4 to the Yankees on Thursday, but the game itself was hardly the story of the night. From David DeJesus to Rick Ankiel to Alex Rodriguez, there were several significant storylines developing.

DeJesus sprains his thumb

Royals OF David DeJesus sprained his thumb going after a long Derek Jeter fly ball against the outfield wall. He was removed from the game.

The latest word is that the Royals are sending him to a hand specialist in Cleveland and he could be "out a while."

This is not good news for the Royals with the trade deadline looming. DeJesus was their most important trading chip and were holding onto him to hear more offers as the deadline gets closer.

Royals trade Alberto Callaspo to the Angels

Less than an hour before Thursday's game against the Yankees, word broke that the Royals had traded Callaspo to the Angels for pitcher Sean O'Sullivan and minor leaguer Will Smith.

This now moves Wilson Betemit to third base on a full time basis as the Royals hope Mike Moustakas is ready for 2011 opening day.

Rick Ankiel makes his return

Ankiel was suffered a strained quad on April 24 that was deemed a minor injury.

Three months later and he finally returned. Hardly minor.

The timing on Ankiel's return was actually good as DeJesus was injured and he promptly took his spot.

Alex Rodriguez hits No. 599

Sixty-eight percent of you said you didn't want A-Rod to hit No. 600 against the Royals. Unfortunately for those 68 percent, he hit No. 599 on Thursday night.

He's now just one home run shy of 600 with three more to go against the Royals.

By the way, do you know who he hit no. 500 against? Yeah, the Royals.