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Down Goes DeJesus: Royals OF Injures Wrist, Leaves Game Against Yankees

In the bottom of the third in the Royals' series opener against the Yankees, Derek Jeter hit a long fly ball to center field. Royals CF David DeJesus went back tracking the ball in the air as it passed the warning track.

DeJesus jumped against the outfield wall to make a play on the wall and jammed his right wrist at nearly a 90 degree angle on the outfield wall.

The ball dropped and Jeter rounded the bases for an inside-the-park home run.

DeJesus stayed down clutching his wrist as the Royals trainers came onto the field. DeJesus somewhat quickly was walked off the field by the trainers and headed to the locker room.

For the Royals and DeJesus, the injury comes at a terrible time with the MLB trade deadline just a week away. Here's to hoping it's not serious.

Taking his place is Rick Ankiel, who was just activated from the disabled list hours before the game.