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MLB Trade Deadline: Royals GM Dayton Moore Says He's Talking To 3-6 Teams

Royals GM Dayton Moore talked with Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio and FOX Sports Radio on Thursday and indicated the Royals are dealing with a handful of teams at the trade deadline.

Dayton Moore is talking to 3-6 teams, but checking in with other teams....Royals will be moving players on last year of contracts

That would include Jose Guillen, and Scott Podsednik at least.

Though I haven't heard the audio, Bowden strongly suggests the Royals will be trading Guillen.

Dayton Moore is looking at deals for Jose Guillen and the 5m left on his contract has effective discussions..but they are dealing him

Move Guillen and open up room for Alex Gordon in the outfield? It's possible but Guillen's move needs to come regardless of who's in the minors. He doesn't serve a purpose on the Royals anymore.